International Shipping Support

This page explains how to purchase products if you live outside of Japan.


Omutopia is an online store site operating in Japan and does not ship directly to countries outside of Japan.

However, there is a way for you to buy Omutopia products even if you do not live in Japan.

The way to do this is to use a Japanese international shipping agency service.

If you register with an international shipping agency service, you can obtain a Japanese address.
When purchasing a product on Omutopia, you can enter the Japanese address obtained from an international shipping agency service, and the agency will arrange for the product and ship it overseas.

■Example of using "tenso", an international shipping agent


This kind of international shipping service is very convenient. However, even if you get a Japanese address, you may say, "It is difficult to input a Japanese address into a store, and I may make a mistake..." For such people, "Buyee" is recommended.

Buyee is a Japanese international shipping company that even handles purchases on your behalf.

When you find an item you want, simply enter the URL of the product page and the quantity of the item in Buyee's dedicated form, and Buyee's staff will make the purchase on your behalf.

They take care of everything from the purchase of the product to the delivery of the product to you, so you don't have to worry about making a mistake in entering your shipping address information.

Below is a list of recommended international shipping agent services.

Please select and use the recommended international shipping agency service.







The steps for delivery to your country are as follows.

In the case of Buyee, since they make the purchase on your behalf, there is no STEP 1 or STEP 2 process if you register as a member at Buyee and make a request using the dedicated form.

■STEP 1 Register with an international shipping service and obtain a "Japanese address".

Register with us for free and receive your own Japanese address.



■STEP 2 Shop at Omutopia.

Please enter your Japanese address obtained from our international shipping agent service in the Shipping Address input area when making a purchase.



Package arrives at the warehouse of the overseas shipping agent.

Your order will arrive at the warehouse of the international shipping agent.

After your package arrives at the international carrier's warehouse, it will be opened, inspected, weighed, and you will be notified.



■STEP 3 Confirmation of baggage and payment

The international shipping agent will contact you with the results of the inspection of your shipment.Follow the instructions of the international shipping agent and pay the agent's fee for the package, shipping charges, etc.



・International forwarding of packages

Upon receiving your payment, international shipping agent will ship your package.

・customs clearance

Customs must confirm that the content of your package is not prohibited in your country. Customs procedures and laws depend on the destination country and the content of the package.



If you are interested in Omutopia's products or would like to support Omutopia, please consider international shipping agent.

The international shipping companies introduced here are external services, so please contact each international shipping company for details on how to use their services and international shipping charges.



■Buyee Customer Support Information for International Users